Data Limitation is no more Hesitation
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Data Limitation is no more Hesitation

Data Limitation is no more Hesitation

Oh, those struggles with data roaming. Who hasn’t ever worried about absurd roaming prices, the amount of data spent on it, and the ridiculously low quality you get for those sky-high prices? Meanwhile, staying in touch anywhere across the globe is a necessity today. Whether family, friends, or business, it’s hard to be unavailable in the modern age of communications and ever-changing situations when there is a chance of falling behind and missing out even after a couple of hours of absence. So, the problem is obvious. But what is the solution to it?

In reality, the solution is simpler than you think. This time, Zute SIP Dialer comes to help with its unique feature – the “Low bandwidth mode.” This feature will allow you to forget all the worries about the high prices and costs of data roaming. As a leader in this issue, Zute SIP Dialer gives you the opportunity to place calls with duration of up to 10 minutes and use no more than 3 MB of data. Let it be incoming or outgoing call, Zute SIP Dialer compresses all of them and provides high quality calls with low bandwidth. With this killing feature, you can go anywhere anytime and stay in contact without the feeling of anxiety that would grow with every megabyte you would be wasting with regular data roaming. Simply download Zute SIP Dialer (App Store, Google Play) and avoid all those problems at once. Our team at Zute SIP Dialer works hard to identify major problems that are often left unseen and offer you easy and quick solutions.

Zute SIP Dialer doesn’t simply offer you low bandwidth mode; what you get with this feature is also supreme quality that does not get affected by the lower data roaming usage. You will get a chance to save money and resources without compromising the quality of your calls.
So go ahead, plan your next trip, activate your low bandwidth mode and let Zute SIP Dialer worry about the data roaming issues! You will be in safe arms throughout your trip and will stay in touch with the rest of the world wherever you go.





Zute SIP Dialers are available on iOS and Android platforms.


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