What Are Some of the Hottest Trends in VoIP for Businesses?
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What Are Some of the Hottest Trends in VoIP for Businesses?

What Are Some of the Hottest Trends in VoIP for Businesses?

The VoIP industry is set to explode in the coming years - in fact, according to a report released by Future Market Insights (FMI), VoIP is expected to be a multi-billion-dollar industry (close to $90 billion) by the year 2020. With this in mind, then, we need to keep our ever-watchful eye on the industry and monitor how it grows, as well as make a note of all of the trends that are coming each year. In this post we will discuss the most recent trends as the industry ends the first quarter of 2016, as well as discuss each of their benefits and features that business owners will appreciate. Our aim is to show you that VoIP is a viable - and, in fact, preferred - method of voice communication for bu

Top Cost-Saving VoIP Trends in 2016

As with any emerging technology, one of the things experts look to when watching the trends change involves cutting costs. When technology first emerges, it's more expensive than when it has been on the market for a few years. To that end, these are the following cost-saving VoIP trends to bear in mind for 2016:

  • Peering: This method is used among wholesale VoIP carriers more than retail carriers, but it still provides a way for the company to save money.
  • Cloud Technology: Though this technology is not exclusive to VoIP, cloud technology eliminates the need for a dedicated server for your phone system, saving you not only much-needed space, but much-needed money in maintenance and installation costs.
  • Hosted Billing: Another cost-saving trend that's emerging in 2016 is hosted billing. This is an easy way to outsource all your VoIP billing needs and save money on processing and other ancillary bills that come from VoIP hosting.

The Benefits of Disruptive VoIP Trends
Needless to say, disruptive VoIP trends are also quickly emerging because of the need to get into the mobile market... and keep up with it as well. As more and more companies move into the mobile market following economy-wide trends towards mobile utilization, the following trends must be kept in mind for company owners:

  • Protecting against Fraud: One of the biggest problems that VoIP providers are facing is an increase in fraud, which is what happens when VoIP technologies are used without paying for the broadband services that sustain them. It's estimated that nearly half of VoIP technologies that are used today are used illegally. Business owners can see the benefit of being proactive against fraud, or they can actually start a whole business dedicated to fighting fraud on behalf of other businesses.
  • Taxation: The Federal Excise Tax applies three percent to all local telephony services. While this tax hasn't been applied to the VoIP industry (because as of right now, it's largely unregulated), there's a chance that this will arise in 2016. Business owners will be able to capitalize on this by addressing compensation agreements between vendors in order to circumvent the high costs that are inevitably due to arise from this practice.
  • Customer Service: Customer service will take center stage as VoIP technology continues to increase in prevalence. Ultimately, the UX (user experience) in any emerging technology is number one: Any failure to cater to this UX will result in the demise of the company. Business owners can capitalize on this by helping other business improve their user experience, should this become an issue in the future.


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