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Crafted a solution for enterprise users of Kalaam Telecom - The biggest telco in Bahrain, in such a way that it can replace the desk phones of the enterprises. Enabled SIP incoming calls, Call forwarding and allowing users to have calling facilities free of roaming charges even when they are traveling.


Users can register using mobile number.


The number is verified by SMS Pin.


SIP ID, Password and rest provisions are automatically handled on mobile app.

App Synchronizes contacts with users' phonebook and displays a list of contacts separately who are using the same application.


Users can have call for free with all contacts listed under free contacts list.

$ 5.45

Users can check their usage statistic on dialer screen.

Users can assign their mobile number to app and can receive their mobile incoming calls over app. This help them traveling around the globe freely without worrying about the high roaming charges.

Technical Features

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