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Looking for expansion of your VoIP Business or want to attract more users, the one stop solution for you is to provide your existing customers with Zute SIP Mobile Dialer Pro. With Zute SIP Dialer Pro, VoIP calling is not just limited to make calls to long distance but it truly implants the meaning of OTT Calling. Zute SIP Mobile Dialer Pro is a Hybrid VoIP Dialer that integrates Contact Sync, App to App Free audio and video calling and chat/IM along with the main feature – VoIP calling. Make your customers your biggest brand ambassadors and let them do the endorsement for you.


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In-app registration

After downloading the app, in one easy step – by entering mobile number, users’ registration process is completed saving their precious time! Our servers would send them a 4-6 digits pin for authentication, and your subscribers are all set to start using your VoIP services.

Contacts or Phonebook synchronization

All the contacts of your customer’s phonebook are easily harmonized to the dialer for their reference at any time. They can also find a list of users who are using the same app and can be contacted free out of all the contacts of their phonebook.

Integrate dialer to your switch

Zute SIP Dialer is compatible with Portaone, Asterisk, Free Switch and several other Proprietary switches. Drop us an email to test Zute SIP Dialer compatibility with your switch - info@zutesipdialer.com

Buy virtual DID and point to dialer


Your subscribers can buy virtual DID number and point it to your dialer. Zute SIP Mobile Dialer – Pro has a built in Call Through Dialer that allows user to make calls using DID number, without worrying about remembering the toll free or DID number or PIN.

International Roaming

Let your customers travel around the world freely. Allow them to forward their number to your app and receive incoming calls on app without paying any roaming charges, wherever they are.

Rich IM/chat

Your users can enjoy free messaging, transferring files, and documents also be more expressive by using emoticons without any hassles with their friends and family members who are using the same application.

App-to-app audio calling

It’s not necessary to pay for calling. Give your customers the facility to talk for free with their friends and family members, who are on the same app. This will make them love your app and they will be your brand ambassador.

App-to-app video calling

You can also allow your subscribers make free video calls to their friends and family members staying far away from them. All they need to do is to ask the other person to start using the same app. Which they can do pretty easily by sharing the app on social networking sites or by directly inviting their contacts.

Broadcast PUSH notifications to Android and iOS devices

Keep your subscribers updated with notifications even when the app is not running in the background. This feature helps making your dialer consume less battery.

Unlimited Subscribers or concurrent users

You can have n number of subscribers or concurrent users depending upon your switch capacity. Zute will directly point to your switch and we do not store any subscriber information on our servers.

White Label App available in app stores

Your Brand

We can give specific logo and change the UI theme of Android and iOS application as per your company branding. We can even customize the application as per your specific business needs. We offer all the platinum features, in other words we can make your dialer 100% white-label!

VoIP Calling with G729, G711, G722 or any other codec

We provide compatibility under any codec using VoIP calling so that you can have uninterrupted conversation.


SIP Signaling using TCP or UDP

Zute SIP Mobile Dialer supports both TCP and UDP protocols for SIP Signaling. Zute SIP Dialer supports almost all the standard SIP Switches.

Incoming and Outgoing calls SIP Calls

Not only users can make calls using VoIP, but also they can receive mobile calls over their VoIP App without any roaming charges when they are traveling.

Optional Features

VAS (Value Added Service)


Want to out-perform your competitors? Then we can offer VAS (Value Added Services) over and above SIP/VoIP calling facility. Contact us to know more about VAS integration with Zute SIP Mobile Dialer.


Let your subscribers send SMS (Text) to any mobile number in world at lower cost compared to their phone. Your subscribers can even SMS/text when they are travelling internationally.

Technical Features

  • Protocol:
    SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).
  • Supported Platforms:
    Android and iOS(including latest iOS 8.0)
  • Supported Codecs:
    G729,GSM,PCMA,PCMU,G722 codecs
  • Switch Compatibility:
    Supports all open source and proprietary switch and works as per SIP standards

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