Zute SIP Mobile Dialer - Basic

100% White Labelled VoIP Dialer to start with and provide your customers with an ease of making VoIP Calls like they are used to make calls using their smartphone’s default dialers. Users can login into the app using their existing User IDs and passwords. They can select any contact from the contact book within the app and can call them. Isn’t it as easy as doing a simple phone call from mobile phone? Users can also check their current balance and can have a facility to top up their SIP account directly from the application using their credit or debit cards.


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VoIP Calling with G729, G711, G722 or any other codec

We provide compatibility under any codec using VoIP calling so that you can have uninterrupted conversation.


SIP Signaling using TCP or UDP

Zute SIP Mobile Dialer supports both TCP and UDP protocols for SIP Signaling. Zute SIP Dialer supports almost all the standard SIP Switches.

Incoming and Outgoing calls SIP Calls

Not only users can make calls using VoIP, but also they can receive mobile calls over their VoIP App without any roaming charges when they are traveling.

Integrate dialer to your switch

Zute SIP Dialer is compatible with Portaone, Asterisk, Free Switch and several other Proprietary switches. Drop us an email to test Zute SIP Dialer compatibility with your switch - info@zutesipdialer.com

In-app registration

Let your subscriber register for your VoIP services through your Mobile app itself. Why you should go through a complex set of instructions? All you have to do here is register through your mobile with one simple click!

Balance Check

$ $ $

Here also your subscriber can check their balance regardless of whether is postpaid or pre-paid payment plan.

In-app Top-up on the go

Allow your subscribers to top-up with one click using the same mobile application they are using for calling. Isn’t this what we call best usage of SIP Mobile Application! You can use this feature anytime, anywhere as you please!

Broadcast PUSH notifications to Android and iOS devices

Keep your subscribers updated with notifications even when the app is not running in the background. This feature helps making your dialer consume less battery.

Unlimited Subscribers or concurrent users

There is absolute no limit of subscribers that you can have. Can have concurrent usage depending upon your switch capacity.

Your Brand

White Label App available in app stores

We will insert your company specific logo and change the UI theme of Android and iOS application as per your company’s brand name. We can even do customization to application as per your specific business needs.

Optional Features

VAS (Value Added Service)


Want to out-perform your competitors? Then we can offer VAS (Value Added Services) over and above SIP/VoIP calling facility. Contact us to know more about VAS integration with Zute SIP Mobile Dialer.


Let your subscribers send SMS (Text) to any mobile number in world at lower cost compared to their phone. Your subscribers can even SMS/text when they are travelling internationally.

Technical Features

  • Protocol:
    SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).
  • Supported Platforms:
    Android and iOS(including latest iOS 8.0)
  • Supported Codecs:
    G729,GSM,PCMA,PCMU,G722 codecs
  • Switch Compatibility:
    Supports all open source and proprietary switch and works as per SIP standards

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